WindFarm is the most powerful and flexible commercially available system of its type and is an essential tool for your wind farm development. Drawing on many years’ expertise gained in aerodynamics and wind farm development WindFarm enables you to analyse, design and optimise your proposed wind farm. User friendly and powerful, WindFarm runs under Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 and does not require any external software packages. The program will significantly enhance your wind farm development potential and is fully supported with extensive documentation and a help system.

Download the WindFarm Demo

WindFarm includes self-guided tutorials removing the need for expensive training programs.

WindFarm Release 5 now available

  • The project file structure has been improved
  • Large map handling has been improved using map tiling
  • Height data resolution is now centimetres
  • A Batch Converter for height data and a File joining module have been added
  • In the Photomontage module there is ridge line drawing, sun set by date and time, fog settings, profiles, aviation lights and a re-projection tool
  • The Animation code has been rewritten including a new storage mechanism
  • In the ZVI module the exclusion zones are treated as barriers, each wind farm can have a local radius and the ZVI distance can be relative to each wind turbine in a wind farm
  • In the Radar module interference zones are treated as barriers
  • In the Shadow Flicker module the censoring of times using minimum sun height has been improved
  • In WindFarm 3D dae format models from SketchUp can be imported along with 3ds models

Please see the Release 5 changes page for more details.

Summary of Capabilities

  • Sophisticated algorithms optimise your wind farm for increased energy or reduced cost of energy, subject to environmental and physical constraints and includes fast constraint satisfaction
  • Full noise modelling (ISO 9613) which can also be used as an optimisation constraint
  • Calculate the energy yield of your wind farm using an integrated wind flow module and advanced wake models
  • Option to calculate energy yields using multiple anemometers
  • Calculate long term wind speed predictions using the Measure-Correlate-Predict module
  • Use high powered flexible graphics capabilities, including bitmap handling and digitising from the screen
  • Create detailed zone of visual influence images including cumulative impact assessment from a number of wind farms using the ZVI module
  • Create planning quality photomontages with realistic turbine graphics including cumulative impact and animations
  • Display wire-frame views of multiple wind farms and the landscape
  • Use WindFarm 3D to show 3D visualisations (a virtual World) of the landscape including turbines and other objects (forests, trees, hedges and external models)
  • Create maps of radar ceilings
  • Analyse a wind farm for possible shadow flicker occurrence at nearby houses, including maps, merged listings and a shutdown list
  • Use the Turbine Studio to define and create complex turbine data and geometry (as shown on the right)
  • Simplify data input using the Data Conversion module

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