WindFarm Release 5 Demo Download

The WindFarm demo download has been divided into 3 parts.

  • The minimum download is the WindFarm program, which must be installed first.
  • Optionally download the tutorials, which are an essential tool for learning to use WindFarm.
  • The WindFarm 3D data is needed if you want to explore the WindFarm 3D module’s capabilities.

WindFarm Program (100 Mb)


WindFarm Tutorials (100 Mb)


WindFarm 3D Data (240 Mb)


Once downloaded double-click on the downloaded file to start the installation. The tutorials and 3D data must be installed after the WindFarm program is installed.

When installed, start WindFarm (from the Desktop or Start menu/Programs/WindFarm Release 5) and the WindFarm screen (the Designer) will appear alongside the Quick Tour module. Please follow the Quick Tour example project as it provides the best way to explore the capabilities of WindFarm. The Quick Tour can be closed down at any point if you want to use WindFarm in a standalone mode.

If you want to explore WindFarm in depth then download, install and try the self-guided tutorials. Open the installed document \Tutorial\UserGuide.pdf to start the tutorial (you will need Adobe's reader). Full instructions are included and it provides all the links to the tutorials.

The help system provides full information on using WindFarm.

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